Estonian Open Winter Swimming Championships 2018/2019 season

Estonian Open Winter Swimming Championships 2018/2019 season

The championships will be held  on  December 15th  2018 in Otepää on the Veski Sport and Leisure Centre in 25m pontoon pool with 4 lines.

The championship is organized by Tartu Winter Swimming NGO

Head judge:  Andres Kübar

Event schedule:

* 10.00     Competition office is open for accreditation  of participants.

* 11.00     Opening Ceremony

* 11.10     100m freestyle

* 11.45     25m ice fly

* 12.30   50m freestyle

* 13.30   100m complex  ( ice fly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl)

* 14.00   25m head up breaststroke

* 15.00   4* 25m team relay freestyle

* 15.30   450m freestyle endurance

  Award giving ceremony

* 19.00   dinner & after party

Depending on weather conditions and the number of registered participants, the organizers have the right to make changes to the schedule preliminarily notifying participants.

There is accommodation available at the competition venue. Please kindly contact to organizer.


Fee of each individual start is 15 EUR,  if  competitor takes part at least 4 or more distances, the fee will be 50 EUR for all starts

Team relay fee is 40 EUR 

Participation fee includes also lunch and welcome souvenir.

Dinner – after party  costs 20 EUR

Deadline of registration is December 13th

Registration is secured after the payment.

Registration for the team relay is possible on the event day in the competition office until 14.00,

In this case starting fee per team is 50 EUR

Relay teams must have at least one person from the opposite gender.

There will be different categories for women and men in each age group, except 100m complex and 450m freestyle endurance, where only absolute 3 best ( still both categories women and men) will be awarded.

Team Relay will be held in one absolute category.

Age groups:     

B  under 20.         

C  20-29               

D  30-39               

E  40-49               

F  50-59               

G  60 +                 

The age groups are determined by the swimmers age on October 31 2019, the last day of the winter swimming season.

Racing Terms and Conditions:

Start the race is from water with front shoulder under the water, another hand holding from handrail. It is allowed 5m diving near the water surface from the start.

False start will result in a 5 second penalty being added onto the race time.

Blatant false start will result in disqualification.

Tumble turn is not allowed, touch turns only. The turn is completed by touching the wall ( not the steps)at least with one hand. After the turn, 5m diving near the water surface is allowed.

In order to finish, the competitor must touch the wall at the end of the line at least with one hand.

During the head up breaststroke the crown of head should not go under the water.

Swimmers using the wrong swimming style during the race will be disqualified.

During the complex race the different swimming styles must be completed in the named order.

On the team relay distance each subsequent swimmer can start from water holding the handrail with one hand, front shoulder under the water, only after previous swimmer’s hand touches the wall at the end of the line.

Walking in the water or pushing from the bottom of water during the distance is not allowed.

Alcohol, drugs, warming lubricants or ointments for the body cannot be used.

All the protests should be submitted in writing to the competition office within 30 minutes after the race results making a deposit of 50 EUR. If the protest is satisfied, the deposit will be returned to the applicant.  Decision about the protest will be made by protest committee.

Swimmers outfit:

The usual swimming suit, shoulders and knees must not be covered.

Neoprene and special technology of thermo insulation is not allowed.

Gloves, socks and shoes are not allowed.

Swimming cap is compulsory.

It is allowed and encouraged to wear fancy hat or cap during the 25m head up breaststroke as long as it is not inhibit or endanger swimmers.

Award giving ceremony:

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of each age group and category will be awarded with medals and diplomas.

The absolute winner of each discipline in both categories will be awarded with medals.

All participants will receive participation diploma and welcome package.

Organizing committee:

Evelin Jõgeda        Race Director, main organizer

Andres Kübar       Head Judge , main organizer

Henri Kaarma      Race disciplines advisor

Ergo Kukk            Photos/ Media

Aivar Rosenberg  Technical advisor 

Organaiser contacts:


Evelin Jõgeda 56216874

Andres Kübar 5014939